Welcome to the second edition of the Biological-Psychological Student Conference



This is a conference made by students for students. Our goal is to gather as many people as possible regardless of their age, gender or nationality in order to promote science in all forms. If you are interested in broadening your knowledge about biology and psychology, upgrading your presentation skills or you just enjoy meeting new people and expanding your connections, this is the perfect event for you. 

The Biological-Psychological Student Conference is divided in two modules which will run in parallel: 

  • Biological module 

  • Psychological module 

The biological module refers to study programmes in the field of biology, environmental science, nature protection and similar study programmes.

The psychological module refers to study programmes in the field of psychology, biopsychology, psychotherapy and neuroscience. Psychological works will be divided into three parts: as an empirical work, a systematic literature review or as a presentation of an interesting topic / project / seminar.

Students from other study programmes (e.g. pedagogic study programmes) can also participate if they are applying with a research based on a biological or psychological topic.

The contributions can be in Slovenian or English.

Each individual can participate by presenting: 

  • Bachelor, master and doctorate thesis 

  • Research work

  • Group projects (but presented by an individual*)

  • Seminars 

  • Interesting topics  

in form of oral presentations or posters.

Besides, anyone is welcomed to join the conference as a listener without any kind of presentation. 

* Presentations can also be part of group work, but only one student can represent at the conference!!!! Other members can, of course, register for the conference as passive participants.

The scientific committee will review the abstracts, oral presentations and posters, and at the end of the conference, the best contributions will be awarded. The abstracts will be included in the book of abstracts, which will be uploaded on the Slovenian library information system (COBISS). 

The scientific works will be divided in two categories, according to the level of study during which the work was prepared: 

  • Undergraduate study 
  • Master and doctoral studies 

The conference will take place in Koper, from September 15th to 17th 2022. 

This event will be enhanced with interesting lectures by our guest speakers and social program.


It is also possible to register as a passive participant who would like to attend student presentations and lectures by guest speakers, with the possibility of participating in the social program.

Registration fee for passive participants is 10 euros.

The number of participants is limited, so don't hesitate to register!


The registration requires an abstract (abstract form) and co-author statements of agreement (statement). 

The registration fee is 40 euros and includes:

  • presentation to other participants,
  • the book of abstracts (pdf),
  • reference (COBISS),
  • lectures by guest speakers,
  • coffee breaks,
  • promotional material,
  • social program participation.


The conference will be held IN PERSON. 

Due to the unpredictable situation around the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic, the conference will be organized in accordance with the prescribed epidemiological measures that will be in force at the time of the conference.